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Quality Engineering & Assurance

Studies indicate that the verification and validation take up to 40% of the effort and resources in software development. With cost and time-to-market constraints, enterprises often risk production quality with inadequate testing, resulting in higher maintenance costs, increased chances of failure, and customer dissatisfaction. Today’s testing environments need to ensure a seamless end-user experience and business process continuity across an expanded network of business applications, mobile devices, smart devices, media channels and development environments.

A focus on the customer’s experience requires a re-evaluation of the entire testing approach and a change from an inside-out perspective to an outside-in one. To meet the demand for application agility, quality assurance (QA) testing organizations need increased test automation and continuous testing. They also need to reposition QA testing from a quality gateway to ensuring a better user experience. We think beyond functional testing by mapping testing requirements to the business needs of your customers.

Our scalable and modularized test platform, deployed on premises or in the cloud, transforms testing journeys. We use numerous accelerators to design Agile test strategies that meet your customers’ needs for digital testing, mobility testing, cloud testing, data testing, security testing, ERP implementation testing, performance testing and automation testing services.

Why TechNetra
We think in terms of user experience rather than just functional testing. Our innovative approach to specialized testing breaks through bureaucratic barriers to help you reduce cycle time and bring the right products to market quickly and cost-effective.

We partner with our clients to meet their business objectives. This approach involves a risk-reward model and the ability to match the right product with the right window of opportunity.

To win customer loyalty in a connected world calls for a variety of testing initiatives. We use our proprietary accelerators to design Agile test strategies to meet your needs for digital testing, mobility testing, cloud testing, data testing, security testing, ERP implementation testing, performance testing and automation testing services.

We take a connected-world approach to testing with:

  • An enterprise-wide QA strategy that unifies silos across business processes for increased agility and quality.

  • QA Process Assessment and Consulting – Our QA consultants examine the maturity of your organization’s QA function and assist you in enhancing the cost efficiency of QA efforts.

  • Managed QA Center – Consulting and tools needed to establish a permanent, managed QA function.

  • Test Program Management – Assistance with establishing processes and policies to maintain QA across complex, multiple projects

  • Digital centers of excellence and demand-based mobile testing labs that test across multiple devices and omni-channel touchpoints.

  • Business process validation and test automation that use Behavior Driven Development (BDD) to bring isolated teams together.

  • Risk-based testing, driven by analytical tools, to quantify risk in a transparent and repeatable way and reduce reliance on gut-feel.

  • 100% in-sprint regression in agile portfolios – an approach that both retains independent testing and builds collaboration between teams.


TechNetra Quality Assurance Services
TechNetra makes ERP applications more reliable, and web services and mobility solutions that deliver a better end user experience. We offer an array of scalable specialized testing services for every organization.

TechNetra enables a software testing process that empowers your development. With TechNetra engineers, your team will be able to focus more on new features rather than fire-fighting bug issues that emerge from new builds. Trusting us with your software quality is a foolproof way to getting better software and winning more users.

Automation Testing
Our platform-independent, business-driven approach improves automation across applications. Our proprietary accelerators increase test coverage and get your products to market faster.

Due to constant changes in applications and environment, enterprises are spending too much effort and costs on regression testing. Test automation helps accelerate regression test efforts in a cost effective manner. Test automation allows 24×7 unattended execution.


Test Automation requires


  • Tool Knowledge, skills and flexible practices.

  • Time spent on creating a test automation framework and methodology.

  • Building a scalable and maintainable regression test suite.

  • Integrating test automation efforts into overall development lifecycle.

Performance Engineering and Testing
Performance plays a vital role in the user experience. TechNetra comprehensive service is a full cycle suite that includes defining, building and measuring performance.

Our Performance testing Services are designed to meet your needs at any stage of the software development lifecycle to target and solve performance defects early in your project’s development lifecycle. TechNetra draws a substantial amount of performance testing expertise from diverse applications, technologies, and businesses.

We can help you determine the best approach and methodology for performance testing and validation of your critical software projects. Our Performance testing services are equipped with the skill set to evaluate the end-user experience under varying amounts of traffic and impact of different load and usage patterns on your system.

Enterprise Application Testing
We have the domain and technical experience to test the most demanding mission-critical applications. We develop frameworks to ensure ERP applications produce predictable and measureable results. We’ve executed projects for leading players in the CRM space: SAP, Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics, and, among others.

API and Web Service Testing
Our robust web service testing automation framework gives you the ability to run advanced functional and non-functional tests at the web services layer. The framework reduces testing costs and allows you to quickly create and execute automated functional, regression, compliance and load tests.

Digital Testing
Today, digital trends are the mode of preference as opposed to traditional media and publishing. The customer usage patterns are richly seen on Web and Mobile-based media, which is the primary cause of this new paradigm. This major shift is urging organizations across verticals especially in BFSI, Retail, eCommerce, HCLS, Travel, and Hospitality et al to adapt to Digital Trends.

Satisfying User Experience is vital in digital media as this is not different than a real-time experience gained by actually visiting an outlet. Any complicated web/mobile experience stops the potential customer to complete the transaction.

The other challenges faced by any organization transforming to Digital Trends are:

  • Possibility of disruption

  • Complex Integration with Legacy and Digital Trends

  • Trust and Retention

  • Allocation of Budgets


To enable successful implementation of Digital Trends/Transformation, TechNetra has developed checklists, frameworks, processes, methodologies and best practices to ensure effective and efficient validations.

TechNetra’s methodologies, techniques, and specialists ensure that the application is thoroughly validated for User Experience covering responsive web design patterns, screen resolutions, accessibility, usability, content, navigation etc.

Mobile Testing
The last few years have witnessed an exponential growth in the number and variety of consumer and Enterprise mobile applications, and this Mobile shift in every industry is expected to re-engineer businesses for Mobile responsiveness. Enterprises are expected to ensure a high level of quality in every application in order to compete, prevent loss of productivity, increase revenue, and improve brand reputation.

Device and platform diversity, short release cycles, lack of mature testing tools, and the variety of network connectivity requirements make for a compelling need for an end-to-end mobile application testing solution.

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