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Infrastructure Managed Services


Complexity in managing the IT infrastructure, surging maintenance costs and the lack of proper resources to manage the infrastructure across various departments are major challenges faced by organizations today. TechNetra’s Infrastructure Management Services equip a customer’s business with round-the-clock support, through our Global Operations Command Center (GOCC). Our comprehensive portfolio of services gives customers the ability to reduce their costs and improve service levels. TechNetra helps global enterprises cut down on their infrastructure maintenance costs and provide access to expert skills without the expense of retaining those skills in house.

TechNetra enables customer growth through increased ROI, lowered TCO, and seamless IT operations, providing remote management services to customers globally, utilizing best practice methodologies, integrated processes, with a proven global delivery model. TechNetra aims to provide an efficient and flexible infrastructure management structure to integrate multiple solutions at multiple levels and locations. This includes elements such as dedicated, shared environments and SLA or task based services.

TechNetra’s five distinct areas of service offerings can be customized exactly as you want them to be to fit your IT needs. Together with you, we’ll develop a cohesive plan that will satisfy your requirements, while allowing you to emphasize areas that need more attention and eliminating the need to pay for services simply because they’re “bundled” together.

TechNetra delivers custom solutions that are designed to provide the level and type of service that the customer requires. These solutions are based upon a certified, quality-driven system that assures the customer that they will get the services they expect with the attention that they deserve.

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