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The way in which enterprises manage their applications is rapidly changing. Today’s enterprises must quickly react to the changing dynamics of the marketplace in order to remain competitive. In today’s demanding business environment which prioritizes agility, speed, and efficiency, a robust IT strategy is critical. With emerging applications on the cloud, the explosion of mobility, and the convergence of computing, telecommunications and broadcast, businesses across industries are experiencing new pressures as well as opportunities. The advances in cloud, mobility and other enabling technologies, applications hold more potential than ever to digitally re-master businesses for the future. Bridge your core business to these innovations by renovating older applications, implementing new applications.

We help you achieve these qualities in your IT strategy by providing you system integration, testing, application development and management services and solutions. Our business focus is on offering innovative design and development solutions across the product development for our clients. Start your transformation journey with our application services. We’re a trusted leader in enterprise application services, with millions of dollars in IT cost savings delivered for our application development and maintenance customers. With a full suite of services from planning and assessing to design, build, run and optimize, TechNetra can help guide your journey from concept to transformation. Together we can help transform yesterday’s applications and today’s emerging technologies into tomorrow’s agile infrastructure.

Whether your project is an enterprise-wide implementation, upgrade, rollout, or managed services deployment, TechNetra can help minimize cost and risk while maximizing efficiencies and value to your business. Our proprietary frameworks, tools, and accelerators supported by global R&D are mapped to an applications lifecycle. Our long-term, strategic partnerships with SAP, Oracle, and other technology leaders, Centers of Excellence, and leading-edge certifications keep our consultants at the forefront of the latest technology advances. This means less risk, greater efficiency, and more innovative solutions for you.

Through an optimal blend of onsite, nearshore, and offshore resources, our balanced global delivery model ensures delivery excellence regardless of project or geographical complexity.

Our Service Offerings are targeted towards the principle outcomes of increased advocacy, higher end-user productivity, and rapid adoption with a primary focus to help you boost your ability to harvest increased business value from your investments.

TechNetra delivers excellence and certainty across all of your enterprise’s IT needs.



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