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Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IOT) – is an upcoming technology known as the next generation of Internet. This Technology aids in connecting devices such as everyday consumer objects and industrial equipment onto the network, enabling information gathering and management of these devices via software to enhance the efficiency, enable new services or achieve other health, safety, or environmental benefits.

With ever increasing number of connected devices in the world—more smart “things” than people. Many Innovative companies across are adopting IoT strategy and technology to rethink their products and services and redefine their relationships with customers, employees and partners.

Connecting the sensors, devices and machines in the physical world to the Internet creates multiple new digital opportunities for industries, including:

  • Life Sciences firms remote monitoring of clinical trials and medical devices

  • Retailers creating more personalized in-store shopping experiences

  • Banks providing better offers and more engagement via tellers and ATMs

  • Manufacturers predicting when equipment will need maintenance

  • Logistics firms designing real-time visibility into location and condition of assets

  • Restaurants reducing customer wait times with “just-in-time” meal preparation

  • Insurers increasing revenue through asset monitoring

TechNetra partners with our customers to identify IoT business cases and put into place the technology to create entirely new business models and revenue streams, while reducing costs and boosting efficiency.

How TechNetra Helps
The Internet of Things (IoT) – Connected Business Transformation

We leverage our technology expertise, IP solutions, deep industry-specific knowledge, strong partner ecosystem and a robust delivery mechanism, to take your business to new heights. Here are some of the fascinating things that we can bring about by getting IoT to work for you.

Create delightful customer experiences
Capture the business insights enabled by connected objects to understand your customers better, anticipate market trends and invent the future

Innovate and generate new revenue streams
Your connected ecosystem will offer comprehensive intelligence to facilitate the building of new services and revenue streams on top of traditional products

Optimize key business areas
IoT can enable a consolidated view across business lines and functions, regardless of location. How different will your world be when you can effectively monitor productivity across the length and breadth of your organization?

Reduce time and costs
When data flows seamlessly between devices and people, you can cut millions of dollars in operating expenses; boost efficiency by empowering your employees to do more with less; enhance security; and make quick, informed decisions

Proactive management
The intelligence and insights gathered will enable you to proactively fix issues long before they actually occur. Detect machine failure well in advance; boost machine uptime; accurately forecast your spare parts requirement; and revolutionize your customer service experience.

IoT Value Proposition

  • An extensive domain expertise along with engineering knowledge, for demystifying the cyber-physical intersection and deriving meaningful information from the data

  • An ecosystem integrator that simplifies the fragmented technology landscape

  • Provides time-to-market advantage; proven solution components that address industry-specific use cases

  • Technology consulting services that provide solutions for ‘retrofitting’ existing equipment to enable data acquisition and connectivity

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