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Enterprise Cloud Services

Cloud Centric Business Strategies have been revolutionizing Companies all across the Globe. To keep abreast with today’s ever changing era, business agility and scalability are the most differentiating factors for driving success. CIO’s across the Globe have recognized that Cloud is the best way forward to achieve on-demand agility and seamless scalability across any Organization. Customers across domains are beginning to understand the potential of Cloud to standardize and simplify their IT needs. Studies indicate that over 50% of IT Workloads in an enterprise would eventually move and operate out of Cloud over the next five years.

In an environment of ever increasing complexity with surplus Cloud Solutions to choose from, you would need a partner whose Cloud expertise you could leverage on. Our Cloud Services will not only help you in improving overall Operational efficiencies but help you significantly remodel entire business models. We partner with enterprises right through their vision to execution thereby helping them transform their Businesses through our comprehensive Cloud Services.

How TechNetra can help:

  1. Enable On-demand Business Agility, seamless scalability and faster response to Business needs.

  2. Help capitalize on opportunities more efficiently with our Cloud Services

  3. Manage complexities arising from Operations, Change and fragmentation.

  4. Help you transform into ‘service-oriented’ IT organization as opposed to an ‘asset-focused one.

  5. Seamless and transparent Management and Governance of IT Costs with single enterprise view.

Our Suite of Cloud Services include:

  • Cloud Assessment, Strategy and Consulting Services

  • Cloud Application Services

  • Cloud transformation enablement services

  • Cloud Management and Optimization Services

  • Cloud Software Services

  • Cloud Infrastructure Services

Adopting Cloud for business has come a long way beyond experimentation. Our Cloud Services have been producing quantifiable and measurable ROI thus accelerating the pace of innovation across Organizations.

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