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Localization Services

Localization (also referred to as “l10n”) is the process of adapting a product or content to a specific locale or market. Translation is only one of several elements of the localization process. In addition to translation, the localization process may also include:

  • Adapting graphics to target markets

  • Modifying content to suit the tastes and consumption habits of other markets

  • Adapting design and layout to properly display translated text

  • Converting to local requirements (such as currencies and units of measure)

  • Using proper local formats for dates, addresses, and phone numbers

  • Addressing local regulations and legal requirements


The aim of localization is to give a product the look and feel of having been created specifically for a target market, no matter their language, culture, or location.

TechNetra is a specialized localization service provider and is a partner of choice for our clients because of our extensive experience, practical technology and robust project management practices. Whatever your product or service offering or your industry, as soon as you start selling internationally, translation or localization of your product into the language used in the given market quickly becomes an imperative.

TechNetra is your one-stop shop for all things localization and internationalization to bring a localized product and content to markets fast, efficiently, cost-effectively and with the required quality. Beyond your initial launch, we are prepared to work with you as a trusted partner as you adapt to the unique demands of your customers and cultures around the world.

The type of materials we localize most often include:

  • Web sites and other online content and applications

  • Software user interface

  • Marketing materials

  • Product documentation

  • User assistance, and product support materials

  • Multimedia, audio and video

  • Graphics

  • eLearning and training materials


Software Localization
Extending your business into new markets is challenging – and when it comes to software, application quality and tight release deadlines add to the complexity.

TechNetra provides complete software localization services – we localize desktop, client-server, web and firmware applications – from engineering and translation to testing and managing in-country reviews.

The result? Increased acceptance of your product in any local marketplace by ensuring your software appears to have been developed specifically for the target region. 

Website Globalization
Web content should not just require “Translation”, but should also be properly localized to the relevant market. Whether your website is an online marketing tool or a full-fledged e-commerce portal, we are ready to help you prepare for new markets by offering following services:

  • Globalization readiness assessments

  • Translation and adaptation of website content

  • Translation of web application user interfaces

  • Multilingual search engine marketing (SEM) and translation

  • Graphics localization

  • QA and testing of localized websites. 


Internationalization Engineering
Building a globally acceptable software application goes way beyond development. Before your software can be localized, it must undergo a specialized internationalization process that readies it for other language versions without changing the core application.

TechNetra helps companies expedite the release of high-performance software in multiple languages and markets by providing the following services:

  • Internationalization Analysis & Evaluation

  • Internationalization Engineering

  • Internationalization Testing


Our internationalization services can help your team:

  • Develop fully-internationalized, locale-neutral source code

  • Shorten multi-language development cycles

  • Achieve simultaneous worldwide release

  • Adhere to internationalization (I18n) development standards

  • Prevent costly, time-consuming localization errors

  • Reduce costs and substantially increase your return on investment (ROI) 


Global SEO and SEM
We are experts at getting websites to rank well in multilingual search results. Our SEM experts are able to improve your international search placement by leveraging your existing campaigns and enhancing your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Our Services include:


  • Research and recommend effective foreign language keywords based on search intent, relevance and volumes

  • Create multilingual copy for titles, descriptions and PPC paid campaign ads

  • Translate landing pages and ensure their cultural relevance


Terminology Management
Strong brands build on consistent messaging, and this is impossible without consistent terminology – like acronyms, abbreviations and industry terms. With the amount of content growing exponentially, maintaining terminology consistency is a key part of any sound content management and localization strategy.


To help clients realize the benefits of effective terminology management, we offer the following range of services:


  • Linguistic evaluation of existing localization glossaries

  • Creation of new or updates of existing glossaries

  • Terminology extraction and translation

  • Terminology management maintenance and ongoing processing

  • Terminology management tools; online terminology sharing

  • Creation, review and updates of linguistic style guides


The result is a greater degree of consistency and more efficient and accurate translation, which generates substantial cost savings and allows you to reach new markets faster. 


What is Globalization?
Globalization, in the context of the language industry, refers to a broad range of processes necessary to prepare and launch products and activities internationally. Sometimes written G11n, globalization is an all-encompassing concept which applies to activities such as multilingual communication, global-readiness of products and services, and processes and policies related to international trade, commerce, education, and more.

The language industry is concerned with several aspects of globalization, particularly those that impact communication. Companies and professionals in the language industry are most often focused on localization, translation, and interpreting, as well as the software and tools that support such endeavors. They ensure that companies and organizations around the world are prepared to carry out their missions by reaching the right audiences in the right languages.

When Globalization is not your core competency our consulting services offers you access to the accumulated real world expertise of our seasoned team of global professionals with diverse industry expertise to address all phases of the process of “going global”.

Our consulting service can help you establish the business processes and technical foundation to successfully roll out your globalization initiatives.

Best Practices training

  • Website and software globalization fundamentals

  • Product testing for global releases

  • Terminology management best practices

  • Content authoring for global audiences

  • Global readiness assessment


Our technical and linguistic professionals understand your organizational environment, globalization business goals and conduct a thorough analysis of your current digital assets and development processes.

Depending on your specific need, the output can be a focused educational/training program or a detailed roadmap for achieving world readiness from a technical, cultural and linguistic perspective.

Internationalization Engineering
Our software developers and internationalization engineers have hands on experience in every facet of website and product internationalization – from concept to architecture to implementation.

Our experienced internationalization specialists can show you how to cut costs, eliminate redundant downstream steps and streamline development time – while ensuring the high quality of your final product at the same time.

Localization process improvement
Our team of senior localization professionals with long-standing production and technology experience serving a wide range of our customers operating in various industries understand what challenges our clients face, how they solve them and what best practices exist in the industry.

We understand each client will have different needs, processes and technologies. So there will not be a “one size fits all” solution. Rather than retrofitting what may work elsewhere, our professionals work with you to analyze the specific situation and business objectives and use that information to design and propose the best approach to improve quality, reduce time-to-market, and increase cost savings across your localization initiatives and programs.

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